for all God's creatures
who die alone
who suffer unseen
and far from home
the Angels still wait
at Heaven's gate
where all wounded souls
find a better fate...

bless the beasts...

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Through Bambi's Eyes
Dedicated to all the Bambis who suffer inside the animal researcher's dungeons of hell.

Blessings To The Mare
A profound blessing sung for all beasts burdened by humans.

Tupac's Legend
A work about rapper/activist Tupac Shakur.

From The Grave
A chilling encounter with a childhood doll - or is it?

A fascinating look at what may be human destiny.

Another Bloody Day
A poem about the Canadian seal slaughter.

Dead and Buried
A song about being strong in the face of adversity.

A poignant depiction of the misery abused dogs face.

In God's House
A song filled with hope and rejoicing for that home so many long for.

God Is Far Away
A poem about God, the Devil and you.

15 Crosses
A dedication to all who died at Columbine.

Feels Like Winter
A moving work about one of the most beautiful creations God has ever made.

Baby's Window
Dedicated to 7 year old Lisa Steinberg beaten to death by her adoptive father ... so we never forget.

When the dog bites back
Dedicated to eric & dylan & all who are bullied throughout their lives while others stand idly by.

And A Church Bell Cried
Ask not for whom the bell tolls for it can only cry.

The German Candle
dedicated to all children and animals who die every day in the name OF God & Country

honey sheperd

on oct 26, 2006
county coroner revealed
honey sheperd had died ...
but angels don't
they just go to help
'karma turn the tide'.