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The Jesus Diet
Part 2

Rev Abba Nazariah, DD

We have previously defined Essene Fruitarianism as the practice of eating only the part of the plant that you can eat without killing the plant. By this definition, an Essene Fruitarian may eat not only the obvious fruits such as apples, oranges, and avocados, but also less obvious fruits like cucumbers, squash, and corn. Many vegetables, herbs, and grains can potentially be eaten without killing the plant. Even greens such as lettuce, kale, and chard can potentially be eaten without killing the plant, if we but harvest the outer leaves and permit the plant to go to seed. In the non-vegan version of this diet, even raw milk can potentially be used. The key word in the above three sentences is "potentially". For instance, though lettuce can potentially be eaten without killing the plant, if you purchase a head of lettuce at the grocery store you can be certain that the lettuce plant was uprooted and killed at the time of harvest. The same is true for many of the other foods that can potentially be eaten without killing the plant; it is possible to harvest certain foods without killing the plant, but easier and more efficient for the farmer to uproot the plant. This is one of the chief reasons that I have developed a three phase approach to Essene Fruitarlanism. In PHASE ONE of Essene Fruitarianism, which can be considered the easiest or beginning phase, we are required to eat only foods that can potentially be eaten without killing the plant. But in PHASE TWO of Essene Fruitarianism, we are required to eat only foods that we can reasonably assume were actually harvested without killing the plant. In Phase One the key word is potentially, but in Phase Two we are dealing with actuality. For example, in Phase One of Essene Fruitarianism, we can eat a head of lettuce purchased at the store because, potentially, lettuce can be eaten without killing the plant. But we realize that in actuality the farmer probably uprooted the head of lettuce, killing the plant. In Phase Two of Essene Fruitarianism, we cannot eat any food unless we can reasonably assume that the food was actually harvested without killing the plant. Thus, Phase Two is more demanding than Phase One. PHASE THREE is even more demanding. In Phase Three we must have actual personal knowledge that the food we eat was harvested without killing the plant; unlike Phase Two, in Phase Three a reasonable assumption is no longer adequate. (What is meant by the term "reasonable assumption" is clarified in subsequent paragraphs.) Thus far I have only provided a few details about each of the three phases; below I list each phase with a full description.


Phase One allows us to make a gradual transition into Essene Fruitarianism. All of the foods we eat must potentially be able to be eaten without killing the plant. Because the requirement is only that we eat foods that can potentially be eaten without causing the death of the plant, this permits us to get used to eating the type of foods on the Essene Fruitarian Phase Two diet, while still shopping at grocery stores wherein we have no personal knowledge of exactly how the foods were harvested. This is important because, due to the dead food that most newcomers to Essene Fruitarianism have been eating for years, few have the energy to leap directly into Phase Two. The Phase One diet is so vastly superior to the diets folks have been on, that it is bound to increase their vitality and energy level, making an eventual transition to Phase Two very possible. And, in fact, many of the foods in our Phase One diet probably were harvested without killing the plant, especially fruits.

On the Phase One Essene Fruitarian Diet, we must attempt to eat mostly organic foods. (On the Phase Two diet, as we shall see, we are required to eat mostly organic, and at Phase Three we are required to eat only organic.) "Organic" means different things to different people; for us, it means that the plant was grown without pesticides, fungicides, chemical fertilizers, etc. in other words, we are referring to produce that is free from poison!

On the Phase One Essene Fruitarian Diet, a minimum of 2/3 of our food must be raw (uncooked), with the goal of eventually achieving 100% raw. (Phase Two requires 100% raw.) It is okay to warm the food or use a dehydrator, as long as the temperature does not reach 118 degrees. (Scientific tests have shown that a few foods can handle a bit higher temperature without complete enzyme death, but the general consensus amongst raw food experts is that all foods can handle up to 118 degrees; thus that is the temperature we have selected as our ceiling.) Even if you never achieve the goal of 100% raw, the more raw foods you eat, the better off you are.

On the Phase One Essene Fruitarian Diet, we should become aware of the additional requirements of Phase Two and Phase Three and begin, step-by-step, to incorporate those elements as able. Essene Fruitarianism is an ongoing pilgrimage. Some Essene Fruitarians will reach full compliance with Phase Two or even Phase Three this incarnation; others will achieve only partial compliance this lifetime. But remember, even basic cooked-food vegetarianism is a great step to make this lifetime; most humans won't make that step. And the only requirement to become an Essene disciple of Jesus Christ is basic vegetarianism. So, even if you were to only achieve compliance with Phase One of the Essene Fruitarian Diet, you would be at a much higher octave of diet than almost all of the rest of humanity, even a higher octave than most Essenes reach. (The majority of our membership do not go much beyond basic vegetarianism, still eating mostly cooked foods.) But do your best to incorporate as many elements of Phase Two and Phase Three as you are able, during the course of your lifetime. The first step is to become aware of those additional elements; you can do that by studying the paragraphs below.


On Phase Two of the Essene Fruitarian diet, we are required to eat only foods that we can reasonably assume were actually harvested without killing the plant. At the grocery store, there are many foods we can assume were harvested without killing the plant: all the fruits and nuts that grow on trees, various varieties of squash cucumbers, melons, grains, etc. Obviously a farmer does not cut the tree down alter harvesting nuts or fruits; and the other plants listed above -- and many not listed -- have essentially run their life cycle and are withering away by the time their last crop is harvested. The farmer will not likely uproot them prior to their ending their cycle of productivity, which is when many non-perennials whither and die anyway, naturally. Granted, the only way to be absolutely certain that the plant is not killed before its natural time would be to grow it yourself or personally know the person who did grow it. On Phase Three of the Essene Fruitarian diet, that is exactly what is demanded. However, on the less demanding Phase Two, all that is required is a reasonable assumption that the food was harvested without killing the plant. We can reasonably assume that the sorts of foods listed above -- foods that would typically be harvested without killing the plant -- have actually been so harvested. That assumption is good enough for Phase Two, but not good enough for Phase Three, as we will see when we describe Phase Three in depth. We can never reasonably assume that grocery store lettuce was harvested without uprooting and killing the lettuce plant; that assumption would be contrary to what is typical on a farm. Thus, while we could eat grocery store lettuce on Phase One, we can no longer do so on Phase Two. Which is why we encourage all Phase Two Essene Fruitarians to grow as much of their own food as possible, especially greens such as lettuce.

On the Phase Two Essene Fruitarian Diet, we are required to eat mostly organic foods. By "mostly" we mean "whenever possible". In other words, we must always make a sincere effort to buy organic, whenever organic is available. (At the more demanding level of Phase Three, we are required to always eat organic; which may mean moving to an area where organic food is always available.) Although organic produce is usually more expensive (unless you grow it yourself), it is worth the extra money. Consider the following information from Why Panic? Eat Organic!!, a book by Beau Loveglo:

The benefits discovered by scientific research show many advantages of organic over nonorganic, chemically grown foods. They include more usable protein, more vitamin C, more fiber, more trace minerals, and less nitrates and other carcinogens. A study showed higher amounts of usable protein in organic crops; 50% more protein in many cases. Chemically grown foods have been shown to have less vitamin C (as little as half as much), low levels of which have been implicated in health problems ranging from mental disorders and cancer, to colds and less effective protein and mineral utilization.... Organically grown foods have been shown to consist of a higher fiber content Fiber is considered a nutrient because of its ability to cleanse the intestinal tract, taking with it bile acids that prevent the absorption of important proteins, vitamins and minerals. ... Greater absorption of protein (tryptophan) and vitamins (B1, B3, B6, and C) produces a brain-chemical (serotonin) that lowers the hunger drive (via the hypothalamus). The body receives more nutrition with organic foods, and thus requires, and therefore craves, less. (For those overweight, organic food is good news) The use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and so on has also been found to create a higher pH (alkalinity) in the soil; which prevents the absorption of soil nutrients, particularly sulfur and trace minerals, by the vegetation. Trace minerals are important for many reasons; one is aiding the electrical and biochemical activities of the body and mind. Studies on the importance of selenium and iron are good examples of the importance of such trace minerals. Studies have shown that areas with low selenium levels in the soil also had higher cancer rates. Iron too is less available in the non-organic foods we eat when the body is deprived of the necessary supply of iron, a condition is created whereby lead or cadmium is absorbed both of which are toxic in small amounts, leading to mental and physical disabilities.... Iron and other trace minerals are important for regulating brain functions, and a deficiency in such always impairs mental and physical functions. Typically chemical growing methods only consider the 8 minerals essential to plant growth. But humans need at the very least, 27 minerals.... Chemical fertilizers also result in the presence of higher levels of nitrates and nitrites in foods, both of which are cancer causing, as well as toxic. They also deplete the body's utilization of vitamin A, a necessary nutrient which aids in the functioning of the liver, pancreas, adrenal glands, eyes, mucous membranes and so on.... Foods grown by non-organic methods, using chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and other artificial substances, have been shown to contain noticeable levels of toxic residues in 50% of all such produce. Much of the commercial produce sold today, such as garlic, onions, potatoes and grains, has been stored for several years. Other types of produce are stored for many months. The concerns heighten when one realizes that stored foods such as these linger amongst, and are fumigated with, dangerous pesticides when stored... It's not surprising that foods are tested for toxic residues before they are stored since afterward they may permeate the food more so!

After reading the above, do you have any doubt that it is worth paying more money for organic produce? Just think of all the money you will save in future medical bills! And because your body and mind will be working so much better, you will be able to earn more income -- doing creative things that you brainstorm! Anyway, on Phase Two of the Essene Fruitarian Diet, we are required to eat mostly organic foods.

On the Phase Two Essene Fruitarian Diet, we are required to eat 100% raw. This includes the ingredients in our salad dressing. This includes our seasonings. This includes our beverages. At this level, WE EAT 100% RAW, with no compromises.

On the Phase Two Essene Fruitarian Diet, we are required to implement Jesus' instructions to fast one day per week. In The Essene Gospel of Peace, Jesus declares:

And for get not that every seventh day is holy and consecrated to God. On six days feed your body with the gifts of the Earthly Mother, but on the seventh day sanctify your body for your Heavenly Father. On the seventh day eat not any earthly food, but live only on the words of God, and be all the day with the angels of the Lord in the kingdom of the Heavenly Father. And on the seventh day let the angels of God build the kingdom of the heavens in your body, as you labor for six days in the kingdom of the Earthly Mother. And let not food trouble the work of the angels in your body throughout the seventh day. And God will give you long 1ife upon earth.

While Jesus is likely referring to a water fast, on Phase Two we are required merely to abstain from solid food one day per week; raw juice is permitted. (At the level of Phase Three, the requirement will be a one day water fast, no juice permitted.) In regard to the term "one day", Jesus is referring to the ancient Hebrew way of calculating a day: each day begins at sunset and ends at the next sunset. For instance, the day which begins at sunset on Monday evening, ends at sunset on Tuesday evening. In regard to the term "the seventh day", Jesus is referring to the Jewish Sabbath: Friday evening (sunset) to Saturday evening (sunset). Thus, the one day fast that Jesus was describing would begin at sunset on Friday evening and would end at Sunset on Saturday evening.

On the Phase Two Essene Fruitarian Diet, we are required to become aware of and attempt to implement, proper food combining. (Although proper food combining was not mentioned at Phase One, it was stated that all Phase One Essene Fruitarians are expected to become aware of the additional requirements of Phase Two and Phase Three, and to implement as many of those requirements as able. Proper food combining is a discipline that even Phase One Essene Fruitarians should seek to implement. But at the level of Phase Two, awareness of proper food combining becomes a requirement.) In regard to proper food combining, Jesus, in The Essene Gospel of Peace, says:

And desire not to devour all things which you see around you. For I tell you truly if you mix together all sorts of food in your body, then the peace of your body will cease, and endless war will rage in you.

And we can be certain that this war in your belly will include plenty of heavy artillery! In other words, GAS! There are many good books on vegetarianism and raw foods that include handy charts which illustrate proper food combining. Some general guidelines are:

  • Do not combine protein foods with fruits or starches. You can combine protein foods with most vegetables.
  • You can combine starches with vegetables.
  • Do not combine starches with fruits.
  • Do not combine acid fruits with sweet fruits.

Consult a food combining chart for full details.

On the Phase Two Essene Fruitarian Diet, we are required to make every effort to obey Jesus' admonition not to overeat. In fact, Jesus calls on us to undereat. In The Essene Gospel of Peace, Jesus instructs:

And when you eat, never eat unto fulness. Flee the temptations of Satan, and listen to the voice of God's angels. For Satan and his power tempt you always to eat more and more. But live by the spirit, and resist the desires of the body.... So give heed to how much you have eaten when your body is sated and always eat less by a third....

A Phase Two Essene Fruitarian should make every effort to obey the above. Rather than eat until feeling sated, eat less by a third. As hard as that may seem, recent scientific studies have shown that under-eating increases longevity -- as long as all of the essential nutrients are included in the diet. And your mind will be much clearer for spiritual activities such as meditation. Let us now examine the more demanding disciplines of Phase Three Essene Fruitarianism.


It is not practical to attempt to fully embrace Phase Three while living a normal American lifestyle. Phase Three is definitely not for the normal American -- or normal earthling; rather, one must be very abnormal to practice such a demanding diet. Of course, in a world in which murder and mayhem are normal occurrences every day in big cities and eating the body of a dead cow is considered normal some of us earthlings -- especially us Essenes -- aspire to such abnormality! IN FACT, SUCH ABNORMALITY IS OUR GOAL! (Do you really want to be considered normal in the midst of a group-consciousness insane asylum?) The first Christians humorously referred to themselves as "fools for Christ" because, by following Jesus' radical teachings -- including Essene Fruitarianism -- THEY CERTAINLY APPEARED TO BE FOOLS, in the eyes of the "normal people". So, you should only read this section on Phase Three of Essene Fruitarianism if you suspect that you may be a fool, or at least a bit abnormal!

On the Phase Three Essene Fruitarian Diet, we are required to actually know that the food we eat was harvested without killing the plant. On Phase Two, we were permitted to make a reasonable assumption. The only reasonable assumption that is sure enough to meet the stricter criteria of Phase Three is in regard to tree-grown fruits and nuts; we know those are harvested without uprooting the tree. But other than tree-grown fruits and nuts, we must have actual personal knowledge that each food item we eat was harvested without killing the plant. Clearly, this means that most Phase Three Essene Fruitarians must be involved in growing much of their own food. Just as clearly, most will live in an area where organic farms are prevalent and can be personally visited, even if this means moving. I know from personal experience, local organic farmers are usually very happy to let you harvest your own produce and pay them on the spot. They are also usually quite willing to tell you which of their crops are harvested without killing the plant. (Our goal, as explained in our discussion of Phase Two, is that each plant be permitted to at least reach the point in its natural life-cycle that it has gone to seed and begun to wither; at that point, its seed can be harvested and it can be uprooted. The seed can be planted; thus, the uprooted plant may be reborn. Before going on to describe the other requirements of Phase Three Essene Fruitarianism, I think an explanation is needed in regard to WHY we would care if a plant were uprooted and killed. Most readers will assume -- correctly-- that it has something to do with our previously described motives of compassion and enhanced communion with God. But most readers will not fully grasp the dimension of our motives without some further explanation. This explanation will lead us into a discussion of such esoteric topics as The Fall of Mankind, Angelic Ascension, Resurrection, and Breatharianism.

Essenes use ancient scriptures which describe a time when human beings were radiant beings of light, without dense physical bodies, existing on subtle energies such as air and light WITHOUT THE NEED FOR DENSE FOOD. These beings lived in a heavenly realm which vibrated, like they did, at a much faster vibratory frequency than our current physical universe and planet earth. Due to disobedience (lack of harmony) to the laws of that realm, some of those beings fell into a dense realm -- and dense bodies -- of a much slower vibratory frequency. But they were told by Christ that, as an act of mercy, he would incarnate into their dense physical realm AND TEACH THEM AND THEIR FUTURE CHILDREN THE WAY TO RETURN TO THE HEAVENLY REALM. In fact, this entire story appears in the most ancient version of the Adam and Eve story. I will share excerpts from that ancient manuscript with you, but first, a bit of background information. Although this version of the Adam and Eve story is more ancient than the version in the mainline Bible and provides much more detail, it does not contradict the Bible story. Rather, it illuminates the Bible version. One scholar, Dr. J.J. Hurtak, in his book The Scrolls of Adam and Eve, states:

The Scrolls of Adam and Eve are scrolls which convey a fuller exposition to the first chapters of the Scroll of Genesis. They do not contradict the biblical scroll but, rather, bring to light a more in depth explanation of the origin of Adam and Eve and how the drama of the 'Fall' came about.

Another scholar, Dr. Ruthefford Platt, in his introduction to this most ancient version of the Adam and Eve story published in The Forgotten Books of Eden, writes:

Present day controversy that rages around the authenticity of the scriptures and how human life began on this planet must pause to consider the Adam and Eve story. Where does it come from? What does it mean? The familiar version in Genesis is not the source of this fundamental legend....

The version which we give here is the work of unknown Egyptians. Parts of this version are found in the Talmud, the Koran, and elsewhere, showing what a vital role it played in the original literature of human wisdom.

It is important to realize that not only this most ancient version of the Adam and Eve story, but all versions of the story, use the names "Adam" and "Eve" in a symbolic way: "Adam" represents the male human archetype; "Eve" represents the female human archetype. Thus, Adam and Eve are simply male and female archetypes of our species; they symbolize all of our ancient ancestors. We could just as well refer to them as "Man" and "Woman". With this understood, I will now share with you some significant excerpts from this most ancient version of the Adam and Eve story. Again, this is a more ancient version than is found on the pages of the mainline Bible. We pick up the story just alter Adam and Eve have fallen out of the Paradise of Light (heavenly realm) into the Dark Cave (dense physical realm). They are sorry and amazed that now they must eat physical food and drink water, whereas in the Paradise of Light they had no need to eat or drink:

And Adam said "Oh God while we were in the Paradise of Light, we did not require to drink this water; but since we came to this physical realm, we cannot do without it" Then God said to Adam, "while you were in obedience to my laws you were a bright angel; you had no need for this water. But after you disobeyed my laws and fell from the Paradise of Light into this cave of Darkness, you must drink this water; for your body is now like that of a beast"

Then God looked upon Adam and saw his weeping and groaning and said unto him: "Oh Adam, when you were in my Paradise of Light, you knew neither eating nor drinking... neither had you need of sleep. But now that you have fallen into this realm, all these trials have come upon you...."

Then God commanded an Angel of Light to give to Adam and Eve some figs to feed their beastly bodies. The angel obeyed and brought two figs from the same trees that Adam and Eve had hidden behind when first they had separated themselves from God and had attempted to hide themselves from the presence of God. The angel had to throw the figs to Adam and Eve from a great distance, for their animal bodies would be burned as by fire were they to come close to the Light Body of the Angel. Then Adam drew near and took one fig, and Eve also came and took the other. And as they picked them up, they looked at them, and knew that they were from the trees amongst which they had hidden themselves from God.

Then Adam said to Eve, "These figs are from the trees behind which we attempted to hide from the presence of God when we lost our bright nature of light. We know not what misery may come upon us by eating this solid food. Therefore, let us restrain ourselves and not eat them; let us instead ask God to let us eat from The Tree of Life." And they called out to God with their request And God said "Oh Adam and Eve, when the time is ripe I will send the Christ into the realm you now occupy, and he will give you and your children the fruit of the Tree of Life. And when you eat from the Tree of Life, only then will you be restored to your bright nature. Now, I give to you the fruit of the trees to eat, including the figs from the frees you did hide amongst For your animal body cannot now be without earthly food to strengthen it...." And Adam and Eve sat in their dark cave, weeping because of the alteration in their nature. And they both knew that they were altered beings, and that they could not now live in the Paradise of Light; for any bodies that require food and drink for their existence cannot live in that Paradise.

The above is the most ancient account of the first fall of Adam and Eve (archetype humanity). That first fall was from a heavenly realm wherein no dense food was eaten, to a physical realm in which food was required. It is at that time -- the time of coming into physical bodies -- that God gave the dietary law for human beings on planet earth: the Essene Fruitarian diet of Genesis 1:29:

God said "I give you all the seed-bearing plants that are upon the earth, and all the trees with seed-bearing fruit,' this shall be your food."

Unfortunately, humanity did not obey this law for long. For soon, mankind began to kill and eat animals. THE FALL INTO THE FLESH DIET WAS THE SECOND FALL OF MANKIND, the first having been the fall into the physical realm. The second fall of mankind -- the fall into a flesh diet -- is described in the following excerpt from The Covenant of Love (a version of The New Testament reconstructed with help from the Dead Sea Scrolls):

And God said unto man: "Behold I have given you every herb bearing seed and every tree in the garden bearing fruit... to you it shall be for meat...." But alas!.... The will of God was no longer obeyed Divine principles were overcome by sensual desires.... The most sacred of trusts of all time was annulled by the lusts of the appetite, and the blood of an innocent creature stained the hands of man.

The Tree of Life was rent with pain. Its leaves hung limp in sorrow.... Fear and foreboding grasped the heart of every living creature. The bold became vicious and the meek fled in terror, and the carcasses of dead beasts became the abomination of carnal appetite...

Farther and farther man strayed from the truth of God. More and more did his power of choice become dominated by greeds and lusts. Weaker and weaker became his will to resist the cravings of the senses. Greater and greater grew the separation between the way of God and the way of man. And the True Light was obscured by the denseness of man's own maleficent designs, and he no longer recognized the Divine Presence. Man thereafter began to invent his own God or Gods.... They spilled the blood of virgins, of children, and of the gentle lamb and the faithful ox upon the temple altars to satisfy a lustful God.

In the light of the above, it can be clearly seen that Essene Fruitarianism is an effort to reverse the second fall of mankind, the fall from the fruitarian diet to the flesh diet. Phase Three of Essene Fruitarianism is a full return to the pre-second fall diet, while phases one and two are transitional steps. But the process does not end here. The ultimate goal of a Phase Three Essene Fruitarian is to reverse even the first fall: TO BECOME AN ANGELIC BEING THAT EATS NO BODY-PARTS OF ANY OTHER LIVING ENTITIES, INCLUDING PLANTS. Most will not achieve that ultimate goal this incarnation; but we know that our progress this lifetime will follow us into our next incarnation. (Essene theology includes the doctrine of reincarnation, with the goal of eventually transcending the need to reincarnate. We transcend the need to reincarnate -- (the "wheel of birth and death") when we reverse the first fall and become angelic beings. Jesus declares that what we do this lifetime, does in fact follow us into our next incarnation; in The Essene New Testament we read:

And as they have sown in one life, so shall they reap in another. Jesus said "The soul is purified through many births and experiences.... As all creatures come forth from the unseen into this world so they return to the unseen, and so will they come again till they be purified...."

In The Book of Thomas the Contender, Jesus confirms that as long as we devour the bodies of other creatures, our bodies must die also:

These physical bodies survive by devouring the bodies of other creatures; the result is that these bodies are impermanent. These bodies will decay and perish, for they are bestial.

Phase Three Essene Fruitarians choose to be "fools" in the eyes of the bestial world in order to get closer to our goal of not eating the bodies of any other life forms. In short, we intuit a higher level of existence in which beings do not eat the bodies of other beings in order to sustain themselves. Not eating the bodies of animals is a step in that direction. Essene Fruitarianism is a further step in that direction. But the ultimate step is to not eat the body of any living entity, including plants. To achieve that goal is to experience ANGELIC ASCENSION, as described by Jesus in The Essene New Testament:

As Jesus sat to the west of the Temple with his disciples, behold, there passed some men carrying a dead man to buried And a man asked Jesus, "Master, if man die, shall he live again?"

And Jesus replied, "I am the resurrection and the life.... As in Adam all die, so in the Christ shall all be made alive. Blessed are the dead who die in me, and are made perfect in my image and likeness, for they rest from their labors and their good works do follow them. They have overcome evil, and live in the Heavenly realms of God. They need not leave the heavenly realms, for they have found the peace of God.... Over them the repeated death and birth have no power, the wheel of birth and death revolves no more, for they have attained the heavenly realms...."

"They shall be as the angels of God in Heaven and die no more, neither need they be born anymore, for death and birth have no more dominion over them."

In other words, once we reach that level of evolution we will have angelic bodies that never die. We will have reversed the second fall. We will have experienced ANGELIC ASCENSION. Above, Jesus makes clear that this angelic ascension is experienced by those that take on his "image and likeness". And that is accomplished by following his teachings, including, but not limited to, his dietary instructions. In the passage quoted above, Jesus referred to himself as the "resurrection". He means that he came to earth to be a pattern for us; if we follow the pattern, WE TAKE ON HIS IMAGE AND LIKENESS AND EXPERIENCE THE RESURRECTION. In The Gospel of Phillip, we learn that we must work to experience the resurrection now, while we have an opportunity:

Adam ate from the tree which bore animals. He became an animal and brought forth animals....

Those who say they will die first and then rise are in error. If they do not receive the resurrection while they live, when they die they will receive nothing.

Although we must take seriously the command to follow Jesus in the resurrection now, this lifetime, and though he has made clear that our eventual goal is to reverse even the first fall by becoming angels in heaven that eat no other life forms, HE EXPECTS AND REQUIRES ONLY THE FOLLOWING DIETARY PROGRESS TO OCCUR THIS LIFETIME: 1) We must become vegetarians to enter his fold of disciples; 2) Our task after achieving vegetarianism is to work toward achieving the level of Essene Fruitarianism. In other words, our main task for this incarnation is to reverse the second fall -- the fall from Essene Fruitarianism into flesh eating. Jesus never says in any of the ancient literature that he expects us to reverse the first fall this incarnation, only the second fall. But he does make clear that the reversal of the first fall is our ultimate goal, and that we will not achieve angelhood until then. Until then, we reincarnate.

However, there is fascinating evidence that some human beings -- albeit a small minority --are in fact close to reversing even the first fall. These individuals were probably advanced fruitarians in their previous lives, and so are now ready for the next stage in human evolution. I am going to share the information I have about these rare individuals with you, but first some words of caution: The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step! Do not try and take several steps in dietary evolution all at once or you may fall flat on your face! (Seriously, this is why Jesus permits vegetables and even raw milk: he doesn't want you to go too fast and lose your teeth and hair -- as some have done.) Now that you have been warned not to prematurely emulate these rare individuals, I will share their fascinating stories.

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Abba Nazariah