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A THLog is a thought log. In these our people have expressed their thoughts on a particular topic. The most recent entry is shown with a link to see the entire THLog (text format).

Compassion - thoughts on creating and extending our circle of compassion

Is a Compassionate society possible? We need to know what Compassion is and then spread the word to ignite the spark to start the fire of a Compassionate society. That Compassionate society is where this journey ends. I may not get there; it may need many generations more before we arrive. But I'm going as far as this life will take me.
(Michael Labhard Thu Feb 17)

RRR - ideas on Reducing, Reusing, Recycling

One of the most interesting things we have, is an old conn cornet, from 1955, which is rather unusual since it has a solid copper bell. It had been in the brass & woodwind shop for several months, as it was in rather poor cosmetic condition. There was surface pitting (wearing away of the metal due to acidic perspiration), lacquer wear, and tarnishing on much of the exposed brass. We got it, and after a couple of days, decided to try to remove the remaining lacquer, and try to shine up the metal with some polish. The whole job took about 5 hours, and afterwards, the cornet could hardly be recognized! The previously dull and reddish copper bell became a brilliant shining pink, and the surface pitting on the brass was barely noticeable. It is now one of the most unique looking cornets I've ever seen, and one of the best sounding too!
(kyron Thu Feb 17)


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