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These are some of our friends and kindred spirits. Just click on the links to view their websites.


We were fortunate to have Susan Hargreaves as our first mentor in animal rights and this is her human education website.

ThruBambisEyes is actress and singer honey sheperd's legacy of words and music to all. Through her poetry and songs, she forces the revelation of that which many continue to refuse to see.

Youth Against Animal Abuse has an excellent site dealing with various issues in a concise yet comprehensive way. They are part of The Responsible Animal Care Society.

Dani Dennenberg's Seeds for Change Humane Education provides much needed curriculum and awareness for today's youth and their teachers.

Sol-Ut is Jonathan Harnum's wonderful organization that brings music education materials to everyone. They have given away nearly half-a-million quality book samples and ebooks since their 'debut' in 2001.

Mercy for Animals is an excellent site for a group based in Ohio that is actively involved in protecting the rights of all animals.

Living and Raw Foods is the largest rawfoods community on the internet.

The Cowichan Family Caregivers Support Society helps to improve the lives of caregivers and those they look after through information, empowerment and advocacy.

Models with Conscience sets the model for all models! Their fashion statement is one all can live with!

Veronica is a writer involved in veganism, animal issues and environment. Follow this link to find out more and then visit her own website.

Soystache is a very infomative project that promotes vegan (plant-based) diets. Visit this intropage then go to their site!

This is the 1999 San Diego Fall Fest, with keynote speaker John Robbins, that started the WorldFest events.

Scientist Trevor Murdock presents information on health, environment, parenting and lots more.

Vaccination Debate is Ian Sinclair's site dealing with the dangers of vaccination.

Holistic Vegetarian House in San Diego, California welcomes vegetarian volunteers who want a holistic approach to health care and a supportive environment for personal growth.

Vegsource is the definitive website for vegetarians with just about everything anyone could ask for!

EarthSave Canada promotes awareness of the health, environmental and ethical consequences of our food choices advocating plant-based diets.

Visit the Meatout 2005 Website!

Great American Meatout is a national observance designed to help consumers evolve to a wholesome, nonviolent diet of vegetables, grains and fruits.

The Garden Diet from the Nutman is a raw nuts and vegetables regimen! Check out their site to get information about their CD or audio tape.

Dog Patch Humane is a loving home away from home for strays, abandoned dogs and owner turn ins providing a truly family like life style while they are in the shelter.