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This page provides stories and articles of that will inspire you. There are also links to books and websites at the bottom.


A long long time
by et
Observations on why injustice and oppression will always continue unless ...

The Gift
by Sinikka Crosland
A wonderful poem dedicated "for all life"

Jonathan the Seagull
by Sangeeta Kumar
A look at the delightful, inspirational classic

Season for Non-Violence
by Sangeeta Kumar
Here is information on the Season for Non-Violence.

What Is Compassion
by Michael Labhard
A most profound series of essays on the real nature of compassion.

A light at the end of the tunnel
by Shirley Lipschutz-Robinson
how one person overcame a lifetime of ill health and lost 60 lbs in 3 months effortlessly

A bit about Wes
by Wes Peterson
the reason for my being here now is to make a positive contribution to this world. I hope to make quite an impact before I move on.

Thoughts Manifestations and Life
by Wes Peterson
Our thoughts and how they determine what happens in our lives.

The Magnificent 7
by prad
Seven words that inspire!

Buddha and the Limping Lamb
by prad
An eternal story from the life of Buddha the Compassionate One.

Dogs in Heaven
by prad
A universal story from Hindu mythology about dharma.

Big George's Journey
by George Zuwala
Big George's inspiring journey into health, nutrition, raw foods and lifestyle.

Inspirations I Like
by George Zuwala
Here are some little inspirational 'poems' that are amongst Big George's favorites.