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Below are several cruelty-free, eco-friendly products that we highly recommend.



Harbingers of a New Age has been providing supplements for vegetarian dogs and cats since 1986. With their product, it is possible to make excellent meals right at home. The company's website also provides excellent information about nutrition and health for your animal companion.

Evolution Diet makes complete vegetarian foods for dogs, cats and ferrets. The products which have been around since 1989 are excellent as our dogs, cat and groundhog(!) will attest and the website provides great information on a variety of related matters.

The Vancouver Vegetarian Association provides excellent vegetarian resources and products.


Footwear, bags, wallets and other accessories can all be cruelty-free and vegan! Check out the excellent products that MooShoes has offered for since 2001 insisting that one cannot have fashion without compassion!


Clearly Green Design does excellent work and with integrity! Attractive layouts, stunning photography and creative solutions distinguish this group as evidenced by an extensive and very satisfied clientele.

If you want a php based forum on your website, punbb is a clean, comprehensible and secure choice. The people in the forums are excellent as are the developers who make the time to talk to you.

You may not think that a domain registrar would be something to get all enthused about, but gandi.net is different. They really take the time to talk to you, look after your interests and maintain high ethics!

Debian Linux is one of the oldest and strongest proponents of free software. They provide a formidable operating system that many other distributions are based on.

Wisesource is the best hosting company we know of. We have been with Paul for more than half a decade and though we are venturing out on our own now, we recommend him highly:
"Paul is skilled, knowledgeable, friendly, honest and when the need arises even heroic. He genuinely cares for his customers and repeatedly proves it!"

Ubuntu Linux is a fantastic Debian based distribution that is uptodate and powerful. The community is friendly, helpful and maintains a civilized code of conduct.

Tombo Communications is now Clearly Green Design (see above), but we kept this entry because we like the logo a lot.

We can design!
We can host!
And for free
If we think you're the most!


Ed and Carolyn at Incredibow produce superb bows for stringed instruments replacing the antiquated horsehair with advanced synthetic materials. We and hundreds of others can attest to the fine balance, responsiveness and quality sound generation of these bows not to mention the great service! For their products, this excellent company has received a PETA award.

Rose repairs brass musical instruments in the Victoria (Canada) area. She is also a very talented musician with the excellent folk music trio The Chattering Class and can be reached at shop: 475-7516 or cell: 889-2234.

An excellent place to get vinyl music! There is a large selection and the quality of these used records is generally very good. The prices are pretty nice too and there is worldwide shipping.

Brass & Woodwind Shop has a wonderful collection of used instruments! The repair work is done with great care and skill by a craftsman of highest degree. The prices are most reasonable and shipping is worldwide.