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A collection of communication methodologies to keep people talking is nice depending on what they have to say. Some of the items here have been temporarily suspended, but may be accessible in the future.


A blook is a sort of cross between a blog and a book. We write chapters in a blook much as we might for a book, but we do it whenever the urge hits us.


These are letters on various topics that you can receive via email. They were discontinued a long time ago, but have been archived for posterity.


You can look at our Veggiechess SatChats and eventually the Towards Freedom and Your CyberCourt forum discussions (once we figure out how to display these). There are interesting tidbit in all of these, but they are discontinued.


Thought logs were designed to jot down notes well before the days of Google's Keep and Microsoft's Onenote. We don't think these serve a purpose anymore so we may not have it. We'll see … I'll make a note of it.