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We can design!

Do you have
  • a creative idea
  • a noble cause that people could support
  • a service of benefit to your community
  • a product worth telling the world about

Well, you really can let the world know with your own website!

Here are links to some of the sites we've designed in our past. Some are only samples, some were done using a website editor and some have a bit of originality to them.

Designing a website really isn't that difficult, but if you don't have the time to do it, let us give you a hand. If your site idea is something we feel is socially conscientious, we'll design and host it for free.

So email us at info@towardsfreedom.com and let's see what can be done.

We can host!

Once your site is coded, it needs to be 'put out there' on the web. To do this, the coding has to be placed on a computer that is connected to the Internet and that is capable of 'serving' any visitors your site. This 'server' needs to be a reasonably fast computer with 'wide' connections to the Internet, otherwise the pages will load very slowly and only a very few people will be able to view your site at the same time.